Friday, September 10, 2010

How This Blog Sprouted

Recently, my friend and neighbor offered to share the bounty from her garden. She brought green beans, tomatoes, zucchini, yellow crook-neck squash, and a head of green cabbage. Sadly, I thought to myself as I looked at the cabbage, "What am I supposed to do with that?"

And that is how it is historically with me and most of the produce section of the store. I stroll by the beautiful displays and mentally speak to them, "I'd buy you, but I don't know what to do with you. Sorry. Nothing personal." Then I'd pick out familiar friends: iceberg lettuce, carrots, cucumber, potatoes and onions. I'd bring them home and rarely are they all used up before rotting in my fridge. It's a crime, huh?

I don't eat well. I look like I don't eat well, and I feel like I don't eat well.

I'm 41 years old. Last year, I began my first blog Fit by 41, Maybe 42. It reflects my journey to better health. It's not just about me losing weight, it's about making lifelong changes.

And one of those changes is taking the time to learn how to cook -- not just cook, but cook well to be well. Earlier this year, a fellow blogger challenged me to eat a new and different green veggie each day for a week. I did that, and since then, I've been on the look-out for ways to incorporate more of the stuff into my diet.

I'd like to record and share my "discoveries." Everything on this blog will be something I've actually prepared for my family and myself. Most of the entries will be successes -- things we like and will eat again. There may be some dislikes where I ask readers to share how I could make it better.

I'm not a radical person making strict, radical changes. I'm an obese mom and wife that wants to trade in her French fries for vegetables. My health depends on it. My children's health depends on it.

There may be healthier versions of what I prepare (i.e. - using homemade vegetable broth instead of butter for a sauté, etc.), but I'm trying to make positive lifelong changes in the right direction that I will adhere to. So butter may not be the best, but it's better than the junk I eat now. Baby steps.

But I will promise this: I will not dip and deep-fry anything. I want the veggies to stay veggies in all their glory.

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  1. I love your new blog! We could surely use some new ideas in the veggie department.