Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Jicama = Yam Bean = Mexican Turnip

Kid Rating: 2 out of my 3 like it (plus neighborhood kids)
Do Again: Yes!

My parents first introduced me to jicama when I was a teen. I just learned that 1 cup of jicama gives 24% of our daily fiber requirement and 40% of our Vitamin C requirement. Here is some nutritional info. Here is more info from Wikipedia.

Jicama (HICKamah) is a tuberous root that can be found in normal grocery stores (at least the stores in AZ, VA, IL and UT where I've lived). It's crunchy with a mild, sweet flavor. If an apple, pear and a potato had a baby together, this would be their baby.

Great water, fiber, and Vitamin C content

I slice and store it in water for a snack later.
Family Review:
5 y.o. - He spit it out. I tried his piece. It wasn't as good as the others; I think it was a bruised section. He has eaten it in the past.
9 y.o. - LOVES jicama. She requests it.
10 y.o. - Not excited about it but will eat it if I give him a little bit.
Hubby - I forgot to ask. It was all gone before I could give him some for an official opinion. He eats it though.
Me - I like it. I like it more now that I know of some of its benefits.

Our neighbor girl really likes it, too. I wrap some up for her and send it over. I've been a leader of a girls' activity group where I've served jicama as a snack. I'd say about 2/3 of the 8 year-olds in the group liked it.

I've never cooked with it although I have put it in salads. It's usually just an afternoon snack.

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  1. I love jicama especially when there is something creamy though not ranchy to dip it in. Or in salads without dressing.