Sunday, October 10, 2010

Asparagus - Simple

Kid Rating: 2 out of 3 liked it
Do again? Yes

To store in refrigerator: cut off bottom of stems and place
in container with water. Change water each day.

Cut into bite-size pieces.
Rinse in colander.
Heat a Tbs of butter (more or less to taste) in pan.
Sauté asparagus in butter for 3-4 minutes.
Sprinkle with salt.
(You could try a lighter oil or broth or just
water instead of the butter like I did.)

Family Review:
10 y.o. - is fine with it
9 y.o. - likes it
5 y.o. - doesn't like it but gets points for trying
Hubby - "You've done better." -- He thought he was trying green beans when I gave him the taste-test. When I told him it was asparagus, he was more pleased. He said it was good (for asparagus -- my words).
Me - I'm not a fan of asparagus. I liked the crunchiness, though. It was a little bitter but I ate it with my rice.


  1. Gina, I love this new blog of yours!! Glad you left me a comment so I found it :) I'm ALWAYS looking for new ways to cook up veggies! Love your tip of how to store asparagus! I always just buy it and cook it fast, I will try this next time. I like to saute in a little olive oil and then pour broth over them and cover till they are tender. I'm with you though, a little asparagus is good but I cant eat a lot of it.

  2. We love asparagus! I've never prepared them this way though so I have to try that some time. We always steam or boil, I just break of the bottom and keep the rest in long pieces.
    I like it best served with hollandaise sauce and a steak.

  3. Love asparagus and have not had any since surgery. It's good with lemon and sea salt too.