Friday, May 27, 2011

Sauteed Swiss Chard w/Parmesan Cheese

Kid Rating: 2 out of 3 liked it ... initially (see "Family Review" below)
Do Again?: Yes (I really liked it, with exposure they'll like it, too)

Adapted from, click HERE.

2 T butter
2 T olive oil
1 T minced garlic (I used two cloves)
1/2 small red onion, diced (I used 4 scallions)
1 bunch Swiss chard (I cut out the thicker red stems and left them out completely) - layer leaves together, roll, and cut 1/2 inch strips (can see technique HERE from my collard green post).
1/2 c dry white wine (I like Holland House's cooking wine)
Squeeze of lemon juice
2 T freshly grated Parmesan cheese (at least 2 T - YUM)
Salt to taste (cooking wine has salt added to it - FYI)

1. Melt butter and olive oil together in large skillet over med-hi heat.
2. Stir in garlic and onion, cook about 30 seconds until fragrant.
3. If you choose to keep the chopped stem pieces, add them and the white wine now, simmer to soften stems about 5 min. Otherwise, just add the wine and immediately go to #4.
4. Stir in chard leaves. Cook until wilted (doesn't take long).
5. Stir in (squeeze in) lemon juice and cheese.
6. Season to taste.

Here comes the sample bite!

Served with yams - recipe HERE.

5 y.o. - Eagerly took the sample bite. Looked at me. Ran to garbage can.
10 y.o. - Eagerly took the sample bite. Looked at me. Two thumbs up. She really liked it. But, when I put some on her plate, she became repulsed when she realized there was cheese in it.
11 y.o. - Dutifully took the sample bite. Glances at me. "Pretty good." (Me, happy and astonished at his compliment, "Pretty good?!"). Him, "Yeah. Sort of." Then, after giving him his dinner plate, he said, "I don't think I like it."
Hubby - "I dunno." But he ate it.
Me - I really, really liked it and finished my kids' servings.

Next time: Each person can add their own cheese if they want it.


  1. Sounds good to me! I laughed when I saw your family's reaction!

  2. Terri said:

    Too funny, Gina. Isn't that what moms do--finish their kids' helpings? LOL. Sounds delicious to me. I'll have to try it.