Saturday, January 15, 2011

Yams with Pineapple

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I never used to like sweet potatoes or yams -- even with melted marshmallows. Then one Thanksgiving a few years ago, some dear friends invited my children and me over for Thanksgiving while my hubby was out of town. Out of politeness, I had some of Mr. Rizzi's yams. Out of greed, I had some more. Yum for yams. I asked him for the recipe. He said he has been making it for years (the only way people would let him in is if he had the dish with him - LOL), and there is no recipe. You just put together this, this, and this.

4-6 sweet potatoes or yams (the store only had 4 small ones left - usually I have 4-5 larger ones)
1 can crushed pineapple
1-2 T butter
1 T brown sugar
1 T honey
walnut pieces (or pecans)
dash of salt

Everything is to taste. Make it with as little or as much of what you'd like. I've made it without honey. I've forgotten the butter. You just can't forget the pineapple.

Boil yams about 30-40 minutes until inserted knife goes in smoothly (or desired firmness/softness).

In a sauce pan, add all other ingredients and heat over medium. Reduce to low if it starts to boil.

Remove yams skins and give to my mother to eat (she looks at me strangely for throwing them away; I look at her strangely for eating them).

Mash or slice yams to your preferred texture.

Add contents of sauce pan to yams and stir.

(Zap in microwave to reheat).

Family Review:
We all love these yams; the pineapple compliments them well. I can hide the turkey in them for my five year old. Left overs are wonderful.

Honestly, the butter adds a wonderful flavor to it. Try it without first -- if you like it, great! Because once you try it with butter, it's hard to go without.

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